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  • Does your gutter cleaning service come with any guaranteee?

Yes, we offer 150% Money Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied with our service. Also we guarantee that your entire system will be cleaned and will flow freely through the next rainstorm following your gutter cleaning service or we will redo the service FREE of charge or return 150% of your payment. Even though gutters can clog at any time by amount of debris that falls every single day.

  • When and how do i pay for the gutter cleaning?

All payments must be made at the time of schedule. But we will process payment ONLY after service is complete. We accept payment by all major credit cards, over Stripe secure payment provider.

  • When the service i’ve ordered will be performed?

Services will be completed on the schedule day that is confirmed by the client. If rescheduling is needed we will contact the client of the new day or time that is available and is confirmed.

  • Do i need to be at home while the service is being completed?

No, you don’t have to be at home while the service is being completed. We would be more than happy to provide before and after pictures. Just notify one of our managers that will get back to you to confirm the appointment after placing the order that you will not be home and you would like to get Before/After pictures.

  • How far out are you scheduling?

We are typically scheduling a week or two out from the current week. There possibly will be cancellations or clients that need to move their scheduled appointments and we will get you in the first available appointment.

  • I have no clue how many feet of gutters I have. Do I need to get an estimate before the service?

We use our own complex software to measure gutters remotely, so you don’t have to worry for this. If, by any reason, you’re not sure & are afraid of overpaying – simply drop us a line here and get FREE expert consultancy right away.

  • How often should i clean my gutters?

To protect your home and keep it safe from water penetration, it is crucial to clean your gutters on a regular basis. Throughout the course of a calendar year, we recommend that homeowners clean their gutters in the Spring time to re-nail all gutters and clear out the branches, dirt and other winter debris. In the Fall to remove all the clogs caused by leaves that come down throughout the season, before the winter freeze. However, that depends much on your geographical position and environment conditions – a decent part of our clients clean their gutters 6 times a year.

  • What does Tune-Up include?

Tune-Up service includes re-attaching of loose gutters, downspouts or elbows. Re-sealing of leaking corners, end caps or seams in general. NOTE: Tune-Up DOES NOT include re-level of the gutters. We can always provide you with the quote and fix it.

  • Can my gutters be cleaned without water?

Yes! We perform a dry cleaning where we can ensure that the gutters and leaders (downspouts) are free from clogs. If we perform a dry cleaning, the service carries the same guarantee as in case with cleaning with water. WE DO NOT CLEAN DRAIN SYSTEM (it is separate service which we do not provide at this time.)

  • What is included in the gutter cleaning service?

It includes complete clean up and unclogging your gutters and downspouts as well as bagging all the debris afterwards & taking it away from your property.

  • Can i get a gutter cleaning on Saturday or Sunday?

Yes, you can order a gutter cleaning to be performed on Saturday or Sunday; however it may be limited. If possible request the cleaning to be performed during week days. Just a reminder: You don’t need to be home when job is performed. We work OUTSIDE only.

  • How can i contact you?

You can always call us at 1(267) 888-5108 or email at contact@gutterscleaning.com . If you’re thinking about getting a gutter cleaning service, but have some concerns – simply drop us a line for a FREE expert consultancy here.

  • Which states do you operate in?

We operate across the U.S. So, whenever you need a top notch gutter cleaning service in Pennsylvania, Wyoming, California or Texas – we’re always ready to help.

Our HQ is located in Pennsylvania.

  • Why should i order a gutter cleaning service from you?

Simply because Gutterscleaning.com (NIVA Group) is an multiple award-winning service. Our efforts, our customer care, our service quality & approach have been awarded by HomeAdvisor and Angie’s List.

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